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retainer services

Get the benefits of an in house designer without the long term commitment of hiring. With the exception of new website builds and logo design nothing is hands off. 


First we set up a discovery call to see if a retainer fits your needs. From there we work out a contract and agree to work for 3 months. Every month you are billed a flat rate in exchange for a set amount of hours of work. Any unused hours are rolled over into the next month. At the top of every month we meet to discuss your brand's design needs. Submit your design requirements and I take care of the rest. This is perfect for businesses with ongoing design needs. 


Priority Service

Your brand's design needs come first. 

Consistent Design Style

I learn the ins and outs of your brand and create a consistent, high quality brand style.

Monthly Meetings

We meet every month to strategize, acess work load and output, and your design needs.

Budget Options

I offer tiered pricing so that you can recieive quality design no matter the budget.

Quick Communication

Receive quick email correspondence within 24 hours of messaging.


View me as your in house designer without the hassle.

Faster Turn Around

Because I will work closely with you and over a long period of time I am able to create your designs quickly.

Cheaper Rate

My hourly rate is $65/hr. Get my services for much less.



10 hrs per month (2.5 hrs/week)

1 meeting a month

Investment: 460/mo

Blank Notebook


20 hrs month (5 hrs/week)

1 meeting a month + 1 call to review project load

discounted hourly rate

Investment $800/mo

Personal Desk


40 hrs per month (10 hrs/week)

1 meeting a month + 2 calls

strategy consultation

discounted hourly rate

Investment: $1600/mo


What type of work can i get?

  • Flyers

  • Advertisements

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Brochures

  • Banners

  • Website Maintenance (must utilize approved platform)

  • & more

  • logo design & website design are not included

  • any services that require outsourcing may require an additional cost

the details

  • We agree to work for 3 months. After the first 3 months is over we asses if the current amount of hours is enough to get the work you need. Once we assess this we can renew our agreement for 3,6, or 12 months with the hourly rate decreasing the longer the commitment.

  • If there are any left over hours they are rolled over into the next month. At the end of our term if you renew they will be rolled over into the next term. If we end the agreement those hours will no longer be applicable. 

  • Any extra hours I work are billed at $45/hr, or credited hours can be used. Each package allows for 2 extra hours every 3 months if needed.

  • Before we begin you are billed a prorated amount to start work. After that you will be billed the first of every month.

  • Design turn around depends on how quickly I recieve all information needed for design. Designs are needed a minimum of 3 business days before due date.

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